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Once the Make a Wish granted a wish to Manasvi, she asked for something unusual. She wanted to use her gift to save lives and help others. Make a Wish's volunteer wish granters Monica and Bob were enthusiastic and wlling to help her do just that.... and rest is history.

Manasvi with Monica and Bob at the Premiere of LIVEbeyond Documentary, June 2010.

Very early on, Manasvi realized that potential donors ask the same questions. People have same apprehensions, misinformation and doubts about becoming a bone marrow donor. She decided she needed to use media and educate people. She launched LIVEbeyond social network on her 16th birthday, launched LIVEbeyond Foundation few months later, started writing blogs and then she wanted to reach the masses. She decided to make a documentary.

The experience of making the documentary was not only a great learning experience, but it did have desired results. Manasvi was able to boost her recruitment rates from 10% to 80%. Once people saw the documentary, she connected with them her own story, and then gave them the right information, which helped people to make up their mind and sign up.