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LIVEbeyond Foundation motivates people to join the Be The Match registry by sharing Manasvi’s story of courage and compassion primarily through her documentary. Manasvi also advocates for increased registry participation through radio and TV interviews as well as through newspaper and magazine articles. Manasvi’s national community services awards have also afforded her the opportunity to promote LIVEbeyond, and thus the awareness for increased participation in the bone marrow registry.  When Manasvi addresses audiences, she makes it clear that people don’t have to be superheroes with superhuman abilities to save lives. Four simple cheek swabs start you on a journey to potentially save someone’s life. Being Superman-strong is not a prerequisite. All you need is a desire to help. 

Screening Documentary

Manasvi used her wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central and Western North Carolina, which was granted to her due to her life threatening disease, to produce documentary using her life experience. To request an autographed copy of the DVD, please contact Monica (livebeyond_foundation@yahoo.com). To watch the documentary online click here.

Join The Network

Volunteers join LIVEbeyond Network and receive updates like blogs, mass messages about events and activities organized by LIVEbeyond. LIVEbeyond has conducted drives to recruit bone marrow donors in cities in the United States and Canada.

Public Speaking

Manasvi has spoken at the Festival of India to encourage participants to join the bone marrow registry and at a Make-A-Wish event to encourage the National Association of Remodelers to raise funds to grant more kids’ wishes as a high school student. Ever since Manasvi has spoken at various events to create awareness and motivate people with her positivity and experience.

To invite Manasvi to speak, Click here.(livebeyond_foundation@yahoo.com)