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Manasvi believes HEROS do not have to be like Superman, but they can be just normal people, willing to do a simple cheek swab, and CAN save lives.

Start a Local Chapter of LIVEbeyond in Your City

LIVEbeyond encourages kids to participate in their community. Manasvi believes in the multiplier effect. Contact Manasvi to find out how to start your own chapter in your city and recruit your own volunteers. One of the passions that Manasvi has is mentoring young adults who are in their formative years and have the power to change the perspective of a whole generation. LIVEbeyond currently operates chapters in Charlotte, NC, Philadelphia, PA, Houston, TX and Montreal, Canada. The goal for each chapter is to recruit 250 members annually and to cover a portion of the costs associated with registering through donations and fundraising activities.

Just Email Your Friends

Help LIVEbeyond save lives. Recommend us:  Direct people to our website to spread awareness and help us educate people.  Here, they'll receive accurate information on what it takes to join the registry and, if lucky enough to be a match for a patient, what being a donor entails.

Organize a Drive

LIVEbeyond will be happy to put you in touch with your local Be The Match representative to help you organize a drive. Be The Match will provide initial training and will help you with running the drive in your community. They provide the resources and can help you with kits to swab potential donors and advertising material.

Organize Fundraiser and Screen Documentary

You can organize a fundraiser in your community. Ideas for types of fundraisers include talent/variety shows like Celebrate Life, a casino night party, dinner dances, sports competitions such as billiards and bowling, marathons such as dancing, or the simple and classic 50/50 raffle. You can contact Monica to discuss your ideas or if you want to help her in upcoming fundraisers in near future. You can also screen documentary in your event to raise awareness and educate and motivate potential donors. To request an autographed DVD of LIVEbeyond Documentary, click here.