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LIVEbeyond's Mission: To build an international organization to help communities get access to life saving bone marrow and cord blood. LIVEbeyond is a non-profit organization that educates, motivates and recruites bone marrow and cord blood donors.

LIVEbeyond's Mantra: "Educate, Motivate and Recruit"


LIVEbeyond educates people about how they can—and why they should—join the Be The Match bone marrow registry. Many are surprised to learn that registering is completely pain free, and that donating rarely involves surgery.


LIVEbeyond motivates potential bone marrow donors by sharing human stories of survivors and those who are in need of a transplant. Brave Manasvi shared her story in a documentary that she produced using her wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


LIVEbeyond recruits potential bone marrow donors by conducting drives along with Be The Match/National Marrow Donor Program in various cities across North America and Canada. Be The Match and LIVEbeyond encourage all who fit the criteria to join but focus on minority communities as they are underrepresented.

What is LIVEbeyond? LIVEbeyond was started by Manasvi Koul on her 16th birthday after surviving Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She now knew exactly what a bone marow match can do and made it her life's mission to fulfill this need that many patients with various life threatening diseases have.

Why LIVEbeyond? Once Manasvi got better she spent a year researching and educating herself on the biology of transplants, DNA, and HLA typing, and then came the hard part—convincing her parents to formally launch her website to spread awareness of her goals. She also contacted the Be The Match registry and started volunteering at bone marrow recruitment drives.  It didn’t take her long to recognize that many people declined the invitation to join the registry simply because they did not understand the process.  She understood that education was the key.  Once educated—and then motivated—recruitment would become a much easier task.  Manasvi realized that she could not reach people with her website alone, so she used her wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation to produce a documentary to create awareness about bone marrow donation.  The documentary premiered in June, 2010, and the results have matched Manasvi’s expectation of increased recruitment rates. 

Through LIVEbeyond, Manasvi bravely “lives beyond” herself and her needs. Her persistent efforts with dedicated team of volunteers, LIVEbeyond has not only registered thousands of Bone Marrow Donors, but some of those registered have also donated their bone marrow and have saved lives. LIVEbeyond has made an impact in people lives and within the community .

Who are We? LIVEbeyond is a non-profit organization that educates, motivates and recruites bone marrow and cord blood donors.

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